Robert Pattinson Calls Conspiracy-Obsessed Twilight Fans a 'Crap Group of Crazies'

Robert Pattinson was interviewed by Howard Stern this week, and that means Robert Pattinson said some interesting things worthy of taking the top spot in today’s Dirt Bag. First of all, Pattinson revealed that he and long-time fiancé FKA Twigs are “kind of engaged.” I’m not sure whether that means “it’s complicated”…

Taylor Swift Is Countersuing the Radio Host She Claims Lifted Her Skirt and Groped Her

Band-Aids don’t fix bullet holes, but countersuits might fix handsy radio hosts from Colorado! You might recall that over the summer, Taylor Swift accused a radio host named David Mueller for groping her during a “pre-concert meet-and-greet,” after which he was promptly fired by the fine folks at KYGO radio.