Scott Disick's Sometimes Manager Says There Would Be No Kardashians Without Ray J or O.J.

The celebrity appearance fee world is a crazy ecosystem of fame, lime light and cash, where the talentless (Scott Disick) and infamous (Ray J) can make bank for just showing up places. In a new piece for GQ, Carrie Battan dives into how it all works, and there are a number of gems, mostly from Disick’s…

Karrine Steffans On Kim Kardashian, Amber Rose and Shaking 'Superhead'

Many women spend their lives trying to maintain a good reputation—but what happens when that’s not possible? I spoke with former video model-cum-Confessions of a Video Vixen novelist Karrine Steffans and asked her if it was possible to outgrow labels like “ho” or “Superhead.” Her response was complicated.