Mar 13 2008
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Hey! Do you know a guy who'd like to have sex with Lindsay Lohan? How about Jennifer Lopez? Or Eva Longoria? That

Nov 21 2007

As Radar magazine puts it, what prom was for Carrie, Thanksgiving is for the Rachel Zoe's and Mary Kate's of the world: Torture. ("They're all going to laugh at you!) So what's a poor anorexic to do? Strategize, naturally! Here's an abridged version of their extra-special guide: "Cast your decision not to eat the

Oct 15 2007

Radar magazine reports that Kate Moss is on a downward spiral. The magazine takes a look at Moss' cover photos from the model's 15+ year career and attempts to shows how she's progressed from then to now. Memo to Radar: That's not a downward spiral. That's called aging. And aging pretty gracefully, considering the