Rachel Bloom Gathers Famous Friends for Beautiful Anti-Trump Anthem 'Holy Shit (You've Got to Vote)'

In the spirit of Band Aid and “Sending Our Love Down the Well,” Rachel Bloom—the creator and star of Crazy Ex Girlfriend—has gathered her talented famous friends together in the recording studio to rail against “orange talking STD” Donald Trump with “Holy Shit (You’ve Got to Vote).”

Crazy Ex Girlfriend Reminds Us That Women (Even the Bitches You Hate) Gotta Stick Together 

Last night on Crazy Ex Girlfriend, Valencia—the romantic rival of the show’s protagonist Rebecca Bunch—got to show off her softer side with the pop-country anthem “Women Gotta Stick Together.” But try as she might, the poor sexy yoga instructor (played by Gabrielle Ruiz) had a hard time putting her girl power message…