Lisa Marie Presley Claims Former Manager Spent Her Fortune on American Idol Investment 

If you were wondering what a lot of Elvis Presley’s fortune has been up to, the answer, according to a lawsuit TMZ reported about on Thursday, is it disappeared down the maw of American Idol’s heyday. An almost egregiously poetic inheritance, but nonetheless disappointing to his daughter Lisa Marie Presley, who filed…

Quincy Jones Suggests Marlon Brando Fucked James Baldwin, the Mob Killed JFK, and The Beatles Sucked

In an interview with Vulture containing the kinds of compact twists and turns that made the Coney Island Cyclone a New York City landmark, one of music’s most influential figures (his name alone is a monolith of the industry), Quincy Jones, shares his thoughts on just about everything and everyone he’s encountered in…

Judge Partially Stays Bill Cosby's Defamation Case to 'Avoid Fifth Amendment Predicament'

On Monday, in Massachusetts, a judge partially stayed a defamation case against Bill Cosby brought by seven women and led by Tamara Green. The ruling will exempt him from “providing discovery while his criminal case is pending”—the criminal case in question being the one lodged in Pennsylvania by Andrea Constand.