Congrats to Meghan Markle, the Fastest-Learning Royal Bride Ever, a 'Flawless' Singer, and 'Genius' Packer

Prince Harry—nay, the world entire—will have truly lucked out when Meghan Markle finally joins the Royal Family at her wedding this May. Per three recent reports from People, the American Princess-in-Training and former star of USA’s Suits is even more astonishing than any of us had previously realized.

Diddy and Queen Elizabeth Have Some Shady Tendencies in Common

It is officially summer. You probably already knew that and I’m not sure what you’ll do with that information if you didn’t but I felt it needed to be said. This means we’re almost halfway through 2017 and I plan on spending the next few months preserving my strength so I can make it over the finish line. Let’s see…

Fourth Harmony (Previously Fifth Harmony) May Soon Become Third Harmony, Perhaps Even Zero Harmony

In just 72 hours, Fifth Harmony has gone from dull musical group responsible for 2016's best earworm whose members I can’t name, to captivating cultural trainwreck responsible for 2016's best earworm whose members I’m slowly starting to learn because they won’t stop making statements about each other.