Ben Carson Clarifies, Then Doubles Down on Comments About Poverty Being a 'State of Mind'

In late May, Ben Carson, our Secretary of Housing and Urban Development who thinks the Egyptian pyramids were giant silos, went on Sirius XM radio to discuss how Trumpā€™s plans to slash benefits like food stamps would actually help the poor. There he expressed the controversial idea that ā€œpoverty to a large extent isā€¦

Would Child Welfare Programs Still Be Failing If They Were Anti-Poverty Instead of Anti-Abuse?Ā 

The Massachusetts Department of Children and Families plunged into its current wave of trouble in December 2013, when a five-year-old named Jeremiah Oliver disappeared, and his disappearance went unreported for months, despite his family being under investigation from child services. In the spring of 2014, his bodyā€¦

State of Emergency Declared in Flint, MI Due to Toxic Levels of Lead in Water Supply

In Flint, Michigan, the number of children with ā€œabove-averageā€ lead in their blood has doubled in the last year. The change is tied to the city swapping its water source from Detroitā€™s financially troubled water system to the Flint River. In Detroit, in the meantime, 9,200 Detroit residents are facing water shutoffs,ā€¦

School Board Member Finds Muppets Book Too 'Graphic,' Demands Removal From Kindergarten CurriculumĀ 

Mary Carney, a Marshfield, Wisconsin School Board member, member of the Central Wisconsin Tea Party and Very Frightened Person, will attempt today to do right by her child, her faith, and the Statue of Liberty by wresting Jim Hensonā€™s For Every Child, a Better World out of the hands of vulnerable kindergarteners.


CBS's ā€˜The Briefcaseā€™ Manipulates Poors for Kicks, May Do Some Good

CBS has a show lined up for the summer called The Briefcase. In it, a ā€œluckyā€ poor family is givenā€”BINGOā€”a briefcase with $101,000 in it and told they can keep it all or give some or all of it away to a ā€œneedierā€ family. Then, their agonizing struggle is filmed for our gross-o-tainment! But bear with me: I bet thisā€¦