Did You Hear the One Where Steve Mnuchin Gets a Box of Literal Horse Shit for Christmas

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin’s Los Angeles home received a “suspicious package” on Saturday night that—after extensive investigation by police, the LAPD bomb squad, and the Secret Service—ended up just being a box containing horse manure. It was signed “the American people,” and while I always appreciate it when…

This Election Season, Would You Rather Someone Pooped In Your Mouth or Your Eyes?

So, here’s the situation: you’re going to get poop on you. The reasons why aren’t important, not for the purposes of this hypothetical, just: there’s going to be shit—people shit—either in your mouth or your eyes. Someone’s going to put it there. Which do you choose? How come? Is there a self-evidently better choice…


Sandra Bullock’s Hot New Boyfriend Once Smeared Dog Shit on His Neighbor’s Door

Before Sandra Bullock’s boyfriend had a name, he was simply the “super hot” and “super normal” guy she was allegedly seeing. But now that we know his name (Bryan Randall), we’re beginning to learn all kinds of new things about him - like how he was once accused of smearing dog shit on someone’s door.