Aug 18 2008

After an exhaustive slew of child custody proceedings with the children from the polygamist Yearning For Zion ranch, the state of Texas has determined that eight of the over four hundred children from the Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints enclave should be put in foster care. According to the AP the state reportedly

May 2 2008

This Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints situation is turning into a fucking fiasco. The latest out of Texas is that state officials have taken custody of a baby boy just born to one of the teenagers currently under their purview. This is the girl's second child, and officials believe her to be 15 or 16, even though she

May 1 2008

We've heard a lot about the possible mistreatment of girls in the Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints community, but reports are just beginning to emerge about the sexual abuse of young boys as well. Texas officials are investigating the boys taken from the Yearning For Zion compound after "interviews and journal entries