Redhead Wench Makes Triumphant Return as a Rum-Swilling Pirate at Disney World 

Disney announced in 2017 that they’d be upgrading their “Pirates of the Caribbean” ride to be slightly less pro-selling of women. (Vintage riders will remember that the pirates once sold “brides” as part of their schtick.) The famous “redhead” wench who once stood on the auction block for bidders would be recast as a…

Drunkenness and Tardiness Reportedly Plagued Johnny Depp on Set of the New Pirates of the Caribbean

Johnny Depp has never been the type to care about PR, which is good because—handling a divorce, a lawsuit from his former managers, and alleged depleting funds—the actor’s public image is more tarnished than it’s ever been before. (And here we once thought the Australian dog apology video was the lowest one could get.)