'They Photoshopped the Crap Out Of Me': Meghan Trainor Removes 'Me Too' Video

On Monday, Meghan Trainor—who made her name with the song “All About That Bass,” which purports to celebrate a curvy form—released the music video for her latest single, “Me Too,” only to quickly remove it. The reason she gave? “They photoshopped the crap out of me,” she told her fans on Snapchat.

Victoria's Secret Advertised 'Cheeky' Panties By Airbrushing Off a Model's Butt Cheek

In a recent Facebook post, Victoria’s Secret shared a photo of a model wearing their mesh-back cheeky panties. There’s nothing particularly interesting about the photo, apart from, well, the fact that the woman is missing her left butt cheek. Some people have called this a “Photoshop fail,” but I call it “Lady Gaga…