Diana Ross, Master of the Appreciative Hair Flip, Hawked Perfume on HSN Last Night

Diana Ross, a “blessing to the human race” according to one of her new customers, debuted her Diamond Diana perfume on HSN last night. The eau de parfum was so named, Diana was made to explain a few times, in tribute of her childhood in Detroit’s Brewster Projects when she aspired to one day owning diamonds. “And now…


You'll Simply Love This Profile of the Calming 'Zen' Perfumer Whose Dad Massacred Protesters!

In high-end glossy magazines’ neverending quest to spotlight beautiful people and luxurious endeavors, occasionally they will focus on those whose wealth and beauty is perhaps ill-begotten—and in doing so, they will conveniently omit the unprettiest facts in an effort to project a certain proper well-heeled image.…


Let's Get Scentimental

You already know this, but your sense of smell is linked to your memory. For me, the smell of Folgers coffee will always remind me of my grandmother’s kitchen. I’ve been obsessed with perfume, and cosmetics in general, since I was a kid, even though I’m a horrific, slovenly dresser with many a bad hair day.