Mother Charged With Homicide After Her Baby Died From Drugs Allegedly Transmitted Through Breast Milk

On Friday, 30-year-old Samantha Whitney Jones of New Britain Township, Pennsylvania was charged with criminal homicide over the death of her 11-week-old infant on April 2. The district attorney has alleged that the baby died after a lethal amount of drugs was transmitted to the baby through Jones’ breast milk, NBC …

Pennsylvania Primary Wins Mean Women Are About to Break Up the Congressional Boys' Club 

After at least seven women swept Pennsylvania’s primary election for House seats on Tuesday night, there’s a decent chance that the 2018 midterm elections will finally break up the state’s entirely male congressional delegation. As the Wall Street Journal points out, Pennsylvania’s senators, 18 House representatives,…

Sweet Angel Divine, Widow of Eccentric Religious Leader Who Claimed to Be God, Dies at 91 

Sweet Angel Divine, the widow of a major 1930s religious leader who attracted legions of adoring women followers, has died at 91- or 92-years-old. Known to her followers as ‚ÄúMother Divine,‚ÄĚ Sweet Angel was married to the Rev. Major Jealous Divine, who was the leader of the eccentric International Peace Movement, and‚Ķ

GOP Councilman Shares 'Joke' Meme Telling Pennsylvanians They Can Vote For Hillary With a Hashtag 

Murrysville city councilman Joshua Lorenz, a Republican, recently posted a meme to his Facebook page that tells Hillary voters, ‚ÄúYou can vote at home comfortably online!‚ÄĚ, instructing them to ‚Äúsimply post ‚ÄėHillary‚Äô with the hashtag #PresidentialElection on your Facebook or Twitter account.‚ÄĚ Yes, that‚Äôll trick ‚Äėem.

Woman Charged Under 'Death by Delivery' Law With Selling Heroin That Led to Overdose 

A 21-year-old woman in the small town of Hawley, Pennsylvania is facing life in prison for selling heroin to a person who then died of an overdose. Brittany Ann Banscher is being charged under a new initiative that’s aggressively targeting heroin trafficking in Pennsylvania. It’s part of a growing number of states…

Aniya Wolf, Forbidden to Attend Her Prom in a Suit, Goes to Prom Elsewhere

Earlier this month, Bishop McDevitt High School earned an ‚ÄúA‚ÄĚ in gender policing when school officials demanded that their female students wear dresses to prom. Consequently, when student Aniya Wolf showed up in a tuxedo, she was forbidden entry. On May 21 she attended another school‚Äôs prom instead ‚ÄĒ and she rocked‚Ķ