In New Film Ma Ma, Penelope Cruz Finds Love While Struggling With Breast Cancer

Spanish director Julio Medem’s latest film looks as lush and sensual as Sex and LucĂ­a, his acclaimed 2001 film and the one for which he’s best known stateside; it doesn’t hurt that the exceptional PenĂ©lope Cruz helms it. In ma ma, she plays Magda, a woman who meets a troubled man during her struggle with breast

Penelope Cruz Wants to Reassure Downtrodden Spaniards That She’s Not Even a Little Bit Arrogant

This morning, Penelope Cruz's agent let the world know that the actress really wants "to rectify" a quote she'd made earlier about being a one-woman government stimulus package for the languishing Spanish workforce. Cruz was quoted in an unidentified publication as saying, "I will produce a couple of films a year in

Katy Perry Taking Showbiz Hiatus to Slather Vaseline on Raw, Sensitive Cockles of Heart

Katy Perry — now dating Ghostbuster Dan Florence + The Machine guitarist Robert Aykroyd — is taking a break from showbiz after her doc Katy Perry: Part Of Me is released, in order to let her heart and/or cupcake boobs heal after Aldous Snow poured Malibu rum all over them and devoured them en flambĂ©. If she spends