Saturday Night Social: Scientists May Find Loch Ness Monster Pee, the Pee of Legend and Dreams

Starting next month, a group of scientists embarks on a “DNA hunt” into the Loch Ness body of water to retrieve “an extraordinary amount of new knowledge” about “organisms that inhabit Loch Ness.” They have kindly given the project a hook for visionaries such as myself, which is: THE HUNT FOR THE LOCH NESS MONSTER.

Sam Bee Returns With A Blistering, Gleeful Take on Donald Trump Russia, 'Golden Showers' Allegations

Sam Bee returned to the Full Frontal stage for her first show in 2017, which just happened to coincide with the recent allegations of Donald Trump’s shady dealings in Russia and alleged urine fixation. Lucky for her and even luckier for us, she also had his disastrous press conference as rich, bountiful material.…