Patricia Arquette Says She's 'Really Pissed Off' Alexis Arquette Was Left Out of 'In Memoriam' Montage

During Sunday night’s Oscars ceremony, the wrong Best Picture winner was called out by presenter Faye Dunaway, a photo of living producer was displayed during the “In Memoriam” segment, and among the notable celebrities who died in the past year missing from that montage were Garry Shandling, Florence Henderson, and…

Jennifer Lopez's Hillary Clinton-Approved 'Ain't Your Mama' Video Was Full of Product Placement

Jennifer Lopez’s new video for “Ain’t Your Mama” includes the voices of Gloria Steinem, Patricia Arquette and Hillary Clinton speaking about women’s equality. And, according to a new report, it also includes a good deal of product placement—much of which was needed to support Lopez’s expensive vision for the video.

Patrica Arquette: Hollywood Will Have To Make a 'Radical Readjustment' When CA's Pay Equality Act Goes Into Effect 

In October 2015, California passed one of the most progressive equal pay laws in America. The California Fair Pay Act mandates equal pay for “substantially similar work,” as well as giving all workers the right compare salaries without retribution from employers. According to Patricia Arquette, the law will have a…