Naomie Harris Calls Anti-Immigration Talk 'Madness' and 'Retrograde'

Moonlight’s Naomie Harris looks sublime in hot pink (a Céline dress) on the cover of New York’s spring fashion issue, where she talks about “regressive” anti-immigration sentiments and about this year’s black Academy Award nominees being mistakenly viewed as a response to the embarrassing all-white Oscars of 2016.

The Most Bizarre, Disgusting and Upsetting Revelations From New York's New Piece on Roger Ailes

Roger Ailes is, allegedly, a depraved and truly loathsome piece of shit, whose time on this earth has seemingly been filled sexual threats or outright abuse of women unlucky enough to cross his path. Sometimes, lately, it seems as though it’s his driving force as a human being. Gabriel Sherman of New York magazine has…

Judge Swiftly Rejects Cosby's Demand for New York's Unpublished Interviews With His Accusers 

In July of last year, 35 of the women accusing Bill Cosby of rape were photographed and interviewed by New York magazine, a powerful testament to what an allegedly heinous and villainous rapist the once-beloved entertainer is. On Tuesday, a judge swiftly turned down a demand from Cosby’s lawyers for the magazine to…

Yawn, R. Kelly Seems Bored With the Old 'Sex with Minors' Line of Questioning

New York magazine published a profile on R. Kelly this week that poses the old question: “Is It Okay to Listen to R. Kelly?” In the story, the R&B legend who was acquitted of child pornography charges addresses his alleged “sexual attraction to underage girls.” Obviously, he says, he’s “moved on.”