Ann Curry on NBC and Matt Lauer: 'It’s Not About Whether I’m Satisfied'

Ann Curry’s PBS show We’ll Meet Again is about revisiting events that have transformed people’s lives: surviving a war or a natural disaster, escaping Cuba or the Holocaust, or participating in a political revolution for your civil rights. In a recent interview with the New York Times Magazine, which published on…

What Did Ann Curry Mean When She Mentioned Corporations Where the Head of HR 'Might or Might Not Be Accused' of Misconduct?

When NBC News Chairman Andy Lack fired Matt Lauer in November following multiple allegations of sexual harassment and misconduct, he made it very clear that he hadn’t received any complaints about Lauer’s behavior until that week. A report from the Washington Post published Thursday evening indicates otherwise.

Effective Right Now Immediately, Adam Rippon Is Assuming His Rightful Place on NBC

NBC couldn’t even wait four more years to offer figure skater Adam Rippon the Olympic commenter’s post for which he was destined, and the network has hired him to stick around in Pyeongchang! Doing something, I dunno, “working across various platforms,” according to NBC spokesperson Greg Hughes, but who cares! They…

Hoda and Savannah’s Combined Salaries Are Reportedly $11 Million Less Than Matt’s

An NBC insider tells Page Six that the new face of Today, Hoda Kotb, will make $18 million less than the man she replaced, but the same amount as her co-anchor Savannah Guthrie. Kotb and Guthrie’s reported salaries are $7 million each—nice paychecks, sure, but a far cry from Lauer’s $25 million.

Former Today PA On Matt Lauer: He Preys On the 'Most Vulnerable and Least Powerful' Women

In a shocking interview published by Variety, a woman named Addie Zinone (she was Addie Collins at the time) detailed her time working at NBC’s Today from 1999-2000, when she was 24 years old. Zinone began as an intern, but was quickly offered a gig as a production assistant—her “dream job.”

Matt Lauer's Lawyers Reportedly Looking Into Getting Him a $30 Million Payout From NBC 

Earlier today, fired and disgraced former Today show anchor Matt Lauer apologized for the pain he caused others “by words and actions,” adding he still feels “blessed” by the love of those close to him. That certainly sounded as if he were sorry and would maybe stop making ridiculous demands of people for a while.…

Matt Lauer Says He's 'Sorry,' But He's Also Humbled and Blessed!

In a statement read this morning on Today by his former co-worker Savannah Guthrie, Matt Lauer revealed that he—like Skeet Ulrich before him—is “truly sorry” for his alleged behavior—which, in case you’re not keeping track, includes a story about him locking a woman coworker in his office, sexually assaulting her, and…

Katie Couric Once Said Matt Lauer's 'Most Annoying Habit' Is That He 'Pinches Me On the Ass a Lot'

Plead the Fifth, the recurring Watch What Happens Live! segment during which host Andy Cohen asks guests to discuss topics they generally avoid, has long been known as a fount of celebrity shade. Over the years we’ve watched Brandi Glanville comment on the alleged odor of Joanna Krupa’s vagina, Charlize Theron address…