Julia Louis Dreyfus Tells Breast Cancer to Fuck Off in Glamorous Post-Surgery Photo

Living television legend Julia Louis-Dreyfus uploaded a very good and inspiring photo to Instagram yesterday, which is something we could all use, uh, just about every waking moment of our lives these days. Let’s make this quick, because Julia Louis-Dreyfus wouldn’t want us spending more time on this than necessary.

Oprah's Time's Up Interview: How to Rehab Bad Men?

This morning, CBS broadcast a star-filled “Time’s Up” panel Oprah hosted on the day after she gave the rousing Golden Globes “Time’s Up” speech which repeatedly hit the phrase “time’s up” in its crescendos. The panel included famed Time’s Up members Reese Witherspoon, Shonda Rhimes, America Ferrera, Natalie Portman,…

Natalie Portman Says the Key to Clear Skin Is Either Veganism or Turning 30

Natalie Portman, the rightful recipient of last year’s Academy Award for Best Actress (of the five nominated performances, at least), spoke with The Cut about “Hollywood beauty standards and the quest for perfection.” Like most interviews about Hollywood beauty standards and the quest for perfection, it began with the…