Like Porter's Ex-Wives, Many Mormons Are Encouraged to Stay With Their Abusive Partners

Rob Porter took leave of his post at the White House last week after two of his ex-wives alleged that heā€™d domestically abused them both. One of those wives, Colbie Holderness, wrote yesterday in the Washington Post that she andĀ fellow ex-wife Jennifer Willoughby had each ā€œraised our cases with clergy. Both of us hadā€¦

Billboard Criticizing Mormon Stance on Blacks and Gays to Follow Mitt Romney's Bus Around for Awhile

Mitt Romney is a devout member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, a religion viewed by many Americans unfamiliar with the faith as a strange tradition shrouded in secrecy and characterized by the sort of perky friendliness that can only be concealing a horrible Stepford-style robot factory. But as oneā€¦