Accounting Firm PricewaterhouseCoopers: We 'Deeply Regret' Messing Up Best Picture Award

The wrong movie was given the Academy Award for Best Picture Sunday night. The error was discovered several minutes later, and the award quickly (and awkwardly) switched hands to the correct movie. This was not Warren Beatty’s fault. Nor was it Faye Dunaway’s fault. It wasn’t Matt Damon or Jimmy Kimmel’s fault. No,…

Naomie Harris Calls Anti-Immigration Talk 'Madness' and 'Retrograde'

Moonlight’s Naomie Harris looks sublime in hot pink (a Céline dress) on the cover of New York’s spring fashion issue, where she talks about “regressive” anti-immigration sentiments and about this year’s black Academy Award nominees being mistakenly viewed as a response to the embarrassing all-white Oscars of 2016.