Michelle Williams (and Us) on Beyoncé's Coachella Performance: 'What in the Bejesus Is This?'

Unless you’ve successfully avoided going online for the past two weeks, you know Coachella was dubbed Beychella, after Beyoncé proved herself to be much bigger than the annual Indio, California festival, and more than delivered on her Saturday night headlining slot. You also probably know that Destiny’s Child reunited…

Leaked Staff Memo Alleges Megyn Kelly Today Is a ‘Toxic and Demeaning’ Place to Work

After Kevin Bleyer was fired as head writer of Megyn Kelly Today, he forwarded a very long and very detailed email originally meant just for HR to a whole bunch of his former coworkers. Not long after, the email was leaked in full to The Daily Mail. It describes a “toxic” environment rife with bullying and abuse from