Do You Loathe This Alexa Chung British Vogue Cover as Much as the Fashion Director Who Created It? 

The fashion world was scandalized this week over an interview with British Vogue fashion director Lucinda Chambers, whose ousting in May after 36 years afforded her the opportunity to speak freely and candidly about all the shit she hates about the industry. One of those things: this cover she put together herself.

Oh: Ryan Reynolds Played 'Let's Get It On' While Blake Lively Was in Labor

Shiny happy people Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are generally close-lipped about their family life—such is their right. However, during a game of Fact or Fiction with Michael Kors, Lively revealed one intimate, not to mention bizarre, tidbit: Reynolds played Marvin Gaye’s famous sexin’ jam, “Let’s Get It On,” while…

Sarah Jessica Parker Threw a Party For Obama and Aretha Franklin Bailed Almost Immediately

After weeks of having her house elves prettify the brownstone, last night was Carrie Bradshaw's $40,000-per-person fundraiser for President Barack Obama. Although pixie druid Matthew Broderick was not in attendance (occupied by a performance of his Broadway musical "Nice Work If You Can Get It"), the guests included