Aug 20 2008

Some experts think that the overly aggressive marketing of HPV vaccine Gardasil and the lobbying of Gardasil manufacturer Merck has led to the vaccine's potential over-prescription. According to the New York Times, "Some experts worry about the consequences of the rapid rollout of the new vaccines without more medical

Jun 25 2008

Gardasil has been denied delayed approval by the FDA for use in women ages 27-45. According to Reuters, "The U.S. Food and Drug Administration said in a letter regarding the application that it has completed its review and there are 'issues' that preclude approval within the expected review time frame." Merck was also

Mar 20 2008

According to news reports, the FDA will decide whether or not to extend the the administration of Gardasil, the HPV vaccine, to women ages 27-45, by this summer. Currently, Gardasil is only approved for use in women ages 9-26. A spokeswoman for Merck, the company that produces Gardasil, emphasized that the vaccine