A Comedian Called Out an Alleged Rapist—And Was Sued for $38 Million 

“It was probably one of the scariest things that ever happened to me,” New York-based comedian Jasmine Pierce said in a video posted to her Facebook page on October 15. Wearing a red baseball hat that read “Game On,” Pierce recounted her experience being served with an eye-popping $38 million defamation lawsuit by the…

Fifteen Imaginary Women React to the Idea of a Man Taking Their Name

Today, we at Jezebel—Protectresses of Man Feelings—stumbled upon Thought Catalog’s “15 Men React To The Idea Of Taking Their Wife’s Last Name After Marriage.” We were aggrieved, nay, heartsick as we contemplated the gnawing terror experienced by Poor Men who are asked to take the names of their female partners.