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Nov 14 2008

Chicago Tribune columnist John Kass tells the story of a teen who decided to test the political tolerance at her school in the liberal Chicago suburb. In exchange for extra credit, the girl recorded the comments she received when she wore a shirt with "McCain Girl" written on it one day and a tee with "Obama Girl"

Oct 29 2008

Ashley Todd, the McCain volunteer who falsely claimed that an African-American Obama supporter assaulted her, has a h

Oct 14 2008

A new father has named his baby girl Sarah McCain Palin as an endorsement for Republican ticket...and without his wife's consent. Mark Ciptak of Tennessee says he picked the name to "get the word out" for McCain-Palin because he can't give a lot of money to the campaign. "I took one for the cause," he said. He wrote

Jul 23 2008
Tough Questions

Lynn Yaeger, one of the sauciest fashion critics around, was given the task of asking various celebrities and