What Did Ann Curry Mean When She Mentioned Corporations Where the Head of HR 'Might or Might Not Be Accused' of Misconduct?

When NBC News Chairman Andy Lack fired Matt Lauer in November following multiple allegations of sexual harassment and misconduct, he made it very clear that he hadn’t received any complaints about Lauer’s behavior until that week. A report from the Washington Post published Thursday evening indicates otherwise.

Ann Curry Told NBC Management to 'Keep an Eye' on How Matt Lauer 'Deals With Women' in 2012

In a new report by the Washington Post, Ann Curry revealed that in 2012—while she was still working for NBC—an unnamed Today staffer confided in her that she had been “sexually harassed physically” by Matt Lauer. Troubled by the information, Curry claims she went to “two members of NBC’s management team” and told them…