'What Mall?' Landlords Laugh Nervously While Trying to Hide Giant Sign Reading 'MALL HERE'

When you see 360,000 sprawling feet of retail options, you may assume you can safely call it a “mall.” But landlords insist that you are a silly goose and in fact it is a “promenade.” Or “shoppes.” Or a “crossing.” But it is definitely not a mall, and they don’t know where you got that impression!

Chinese Mall Installs 'Husband Pods' for Husbands Too Lazy to Accompany Their Wives for 1 Freaking Afternoon!!!

Is your husband the kind of person who’s nervous about running into his bros while accompanying you to buy a refill of feather hair extensions at Claire’s? Does he hold up padded bras and do a stupid dance while at Victoria’s Secret as a little clown to distract from his half-chub? Is his favorite show King of Queens 


Sydney Santas have been barred from chanting the customary "Ho, ho, ho" this Christmas, as the Santa recruitment firm Westaff has deemed the phrase frightening to children and possibly "derogatory towards women". The Aussie trainees have been told to replace "Ho, ho, ho," with "Ha, ha, ha." Mall Santas are up in arms