Here's Macklemore Rapping About Getting a Hand Job, Happy Valentine's Day!

Macklemore married longtime girlfriend Tricia Davis in 2015 and, for Valentine’s Day, released “Spoons,” a song about the more mundane sexual aspects of being involved in a longtime relationship, including a perhaps made-up scenario about getting mad that she watched ahead in Game of Thrones without him but getting…

Meet Hollis Wong-Wear & Jamila Woods, the Women of Color Behind Macklemore's 'White Privilege II' 

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis have released an eight-minute song featuring Jamila Woods, “White Privilege II,” about white privilege, beginning with Macklemore’s own feeling about whether he can meaningfully participate in a Black Lives Matter march and spiraling into different movements questioning what his own white…

Seattle Paper Describes Asian Woman & Macklemore Collaborator Hollis Wong-Wear as His 'Sidekick'

Today’s lesson in how not to invoke racist and sexist stereotypes that belittles the work of women of color involves the Seattle Times, who described longtime Macklemore collaborator (and one-time Jezebel contributor) Hollis Wong-Wear as his “sidekick” in the headline of a piece about her band, The Flavr Blue.


Trump Marital Rape Claim 'Totally Without Merit,' Says Ivana Trump

Recently, the Daily Beast—citing Harry Hurt III’s Donald Trump biography Lost Tycoon: The Many Lives of Donald J. Trump—unearthed a courtroom deposition by Ivana Trump, Trump’s ex wife, describing a rape that occurred during the couple’s marriage in the early nineties. Immediately prior to the release of Lost Tycoon …