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Oct 13 2008

Pour yourself a gin and pineapple - Humbert Humbert's favorite tipple - Lolita's 50. Which probably makes her more like 68, strictly speaking. Anyway, Nabokov's masterpiece has endured a half-century of controversy, banning,misinterpretation, cultural cooption, adaptation and dissection, and remains at the top of the

Feb 7 2008

A 34-year-old Italian butcher who was having an affair with 13-year-old girl had his sentence reduced by two-thirds because a judge decided there was "real love" involved. Antonio de Pascale was given a sentence of a year and four months instead of the maximum possible penalty — 12 years — because, according to the Tel

Feb 1 2008

Woolworths in the UK has stopped selling a "Lolita" bedroom set for young girls after a group of mothers began a campaign in protest of it. But don't blame Woolworths! They supposedly had never even heard of Vladimir Nabokov's novel of the same name. "The staff who run the website had never heard of Lolita, and to be

Oct 8 2007

Miu Miu is supposed to be Prada-lite, Prada for the poor folk. In reality, it costs about the same as its big-sister label, but its design aesthetic? Decidedly different. While Prada is known for being anti-sexy and "intellectual" (because, uh, brains and beauty are mutually exclusive?), Miu Miu is a little more,