Lindsay Lohan's April Fool's Day Prank Was That Prestigious Universities Want Her for Speeches 😢

My heart aches. My stomach hurts. My brain is is foggy. I have no idea what to believe. Let me take a deep breath. So, Sunday afternoon, Lindsay Lohan shared a series of videos on her Instagram story (seen above) in which she claimed to have been asked to give an upcoming commencement address at Harvard Law School.

Lindsay Lohan Says 'Most Women in America' Didn't Care About Her Allegedly Abusive Ex-Fiancé

In an Instagram post published Wednesday night, Lindsay Lohan shared a photo of her from the set of The Parent Trap alongside a lengthy caption that combined her thoughts about women’s rights, karma, and strength with an accusation against “most women in America.” She claimed they didn’t care when she was “abused” by