That Guy Who Sued Beyonce For Plagiarizing His Short Film In Lemonade Had His Case Thrown Out

Filmmaker Matt Fulks sued Beyonce Knowles earlier this year for “lifting” elements (including visuals of stairs and parking garages) from his 2014 short film Palinoia for use in Knowles’s 2016 video album Lemonade. In the original complaint, he sought profits “‘attributed to exploitation of his work’ including a

What Hilton Als and The New Yorker Got Wrong About Beyoncé

The New Yorker’s theater critic, Hilton Als, published a review of Beyoncé’s Formation album and tour this week titled “Beywatch.” “The truth is I wasn’t much interested in her,” he writes late in the piece, “until her sister, Solange Knowles, was caught on camera beating Jay Z’s ass in a hotel elevator in 2014.”

Rachael Ray Sent Rachel Roy a 'Bottle of Wine and a Straw' After That Whole Becky Mix-Up

Remember when all we as a nation cared about was figuring out the identity of “Becky With the Good Hair,” and thousands of Beyhive members confused designer (and suspected “Becky”) Rachel Roy with celebrity cook (and non-“Becky”) Rachael Ray? You know, the good old days before Blac Chyna announced her pregnancy and

Rita Ora Took a Selfie With Beyoncé Last Night, and All Is Right With the World

At last night’s Met Gala, potential Becky/US celebrity Rita Ora barged through the front doors of the Metropolitan Museum of Art after flashing Anna Wintour a napkin on which she scribbled “MET GALA TICKET” in red lipstick and waded through the piles of glamorous robots until finally reaching Our Lady in Latex,