Missy Elliott Dropped a Stealth, Futurist New Video In the Night

Here is an example of how Missy Elliott can evolve with musical trends she didnā€™t necessarily invent and still sound like she did. Of course, without Missy there would be no Migos, but on ā€œIā€™m Betterā€ā€”surprise-released last night at midnight, a gift she knew we neededā€”she warpspeeds minimalist rap into her surrealā€¦

Kelly Rutherfordā€™s Ex-HusbandĀ Daniel GierschĀ Is Suing Vanity FairĀ ForĀ Defamation

After Kelly Rutherford officially lost custody of her children a few weeks ago, I assumed their story was over. It was downright stupid of me to think that, however, because the sequel trilogy to this never-ending saga has only just begun. The force has awakened in Rutherfordā€™s ex, Daniel Giersch, and now heā€™s suing ā€¦