Poor, beleaguered German polar bear Knut. He was rejected by his mother when he was born, and now zoologists are describing him as a "psychopath." According to the Independent, Knut is "disconcerting" close up because of his "filthy brownish grey colour," and Dr. Peter Arras, who called Knut a nutbag, says "Knut

The Germans, not doing much to combat any lingering stereotypes that they have the right to play God with the lives of innocents, have decided to let a still-unknown number of newborn polar bear cubs die, rather than hand-rear them and put the country through "Knutomania" all over again. The cubs were born in

Knut the polar bear, one-time star of the Berlin Zoo before he went all Effie White and got too fat to be a star, celebrated his first birthday yesterday. Knut now weighs a whopping 240 lbs. Here's what his first year will bring, according to his caretaker: "A spacious enclosure. A female partner. At some point, Knut