Tracee Ellis Ross Constantly Asks Why Her Black-Ish Character Has to Do 'Lady Chores'

It’s been a long week, and we could all use a break. Thankfully, there’s a new Q&A with perfect angel Tracee Ellis Ross on Deadline, and it’s full of quotes I want to print out and frame on my wall and always carry with me in spirit. Like how the Emmy-nominated actor challenges her colleagues on Black-ish by asking if…

Kerry Washington Says Obviously Not All Celebs Work Out Like Crazy After Pregnancy

Even as more people have become aware of the inanity of “post-baby body” articles that pop up after famous women give birth, that hasn’t stopped celebrity rags from indulging in this tradition. See: People’s story this month about Megan Fox posing in lingerie “post-baby.” Or last summer, when Chrissy Teigen’s