Teens in Developing Nations Are More Optimistic About Their Futures Than Those in Western Europe

A new surveyĀ  by Ipsos found that teenagers in developing nations are staggeringly more optimistic about their futures than those in developed, western European nations, the Guardian reports. The study, which looked at a variety of factors including access/knowledge of politics, living conditions, womenā€™s rights andā€¦

Infertile Kenyan Man Accused of Cutting Off Wife's Hands After They Couldn't Have ChildrenĀ 

A particularly gruesome domestic abuse case is rocking Kenya, where a man is believed to have hacked off his wifeā€™s hands after they couldnā€™t have children, although he was evidently the one who was infertile. Jackline Mwende, 27, says she was counseled by her pastor to try to save her marriage, despite escalatingā€¦