I’m Told These Are Photos of Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes Wearing Their ‘Signature Hats’ 

While scrolling through one of our many dense, frustrating-to-navigate photo subscriptions this morning I came upon a collection titled “*EXCLUSIVE* Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx head back to her place after a dinner date.” I clicked faster than you can say “GOING CLEAR,” because I couldn’t wait to see new images of my…

Gossip Cop Wants to Make It Very Clear That Tom Cruise and Suri Have Not ‘Reconnected’

The website Gossip Cop is known for its weekly debunkings of big tabloid stories. For example, every time Star claims Jennifer Aniston is pregnant, we can expect Gossip Cop to call up their sources and write a headline like, “Jennifer Aniston NOT Pregnant, Despite Star’s Unprofessional Reporting.” (They love to shame…

This Week in Tabloids: Brad Pitt and Kate Hudson Are Sleeping Together, Which I Personally Love

Welcome to Midweek Madness, where we read Star, In Touch, OK, but not Life & Style because for some reason the magazine store decides that they don’t want to put it up, and write the lede to this post while munching on a delicious Fuji apple we bought from the Union Square farmer’s market earlier this week while…

This Week In Tabloids: The Gossip Gods Have Blessed Us, For Ben Affleck and J. Lo Are Back Together

Welcome to Midweek Madness, where the four major cover stories today alternate between conscious coupling and conscious uncoupling. On Team ‘We’re Finished,’ we’ve got Jessica Biel, Justin Timberlake, Brad Pitt, and Angelina Jolie. On Team ‘I Still Love You,’ we’ve got Katie Holmes, Jamie Foxx, Ben Affleck, and

Radar Says Katie Holmes Can Talk All the Shit She Wants When Her Divorce Contract Ends Next Year

According to this Radar report I fervently wish to be true, the reason behind Katie Holmes’ silence has been contractual—the site reports her divorce settlement bars her from discussing Tom Cruise, Scientology, and even her own dating life, which may or may not involve Jamie Foxx. But not for much longer?