Gisele Commented on Instagram Models, Got Yelled at for It, Then Apologized and Said She Admires Them

Retired runway model and working print model Gisele Bündchen appears on the cover of the most recent issue of Vogue, which would be a cause for many a yawn if not for some comments about the state of the modeling industry in 2018—namely, the Instagram modeling industry. Bündchen said her sister started her Instagram…

Melanie Griffith Shares Kathy Griffin’s Horrendous Taylor Swift-Themed Tour Promotion on Instagram

For the past few months, Kathy Griffin has been responding to the backlash of her stupid decapitated Trump photo by, among other things, going off-book beside her former lawyer Lisa Bloom during an ill-conceived press conference and gleefully reading gay slurs during an ill-conceived comedy set. (Saying “faggot,” even…

Kathy Griffin Claims Donald Trump Is Bullying Her, Will Hold a Press Conference Today To Explain

Former Squatty Potty spokesperson Kathy Griffin has hired famed attorney Lisa Bloom now that her career has fallen apart because of a photograph in which she held up a fake decapitated head of Donald Trump. Griffin and Bloom will hold a press conference Friday morning, during which they will reportedly “explain the