Kate Moss Speaks on Starting Her Own Agency Business, Doesn't Seem to Like Insta-Models

At the Business of Fashion, writer Imran Amed was compelled (reluctantly, no doubt) to Kate Moss’s private vacation villa “on the picturesque Greek island of Hydra in the Saronic Gulf” to discuss Kate Moss Agency, the business she has started to manage models who are interested in expanding their careers to the…

All the Delightfully Nutty Red Carpet Looks at the Absolutely Fabulous Premiere

Darlings, the Absolutely Fabulous movie premiere has finally arrived, and it is eccentric city! I hardly know who most of these people are, but I don’t care, because they’re all wearing weird, slightly ill-fitting outfits, and when do you even get that anymore in the day of the celebrity stylist?! What a relief!