Chrissy Teigen Says A Paparazzo Said Something Terrifically Racist About John Legend

Have you always wondered what paparazzi scream at celebrities when they’re at the airport or on the street or coming out of a Starbucks holding a venti coffee and wearing a baseball hat? I’ve assumed that it was some variation of “LOOK OVER HERE!” and “YOU LOOK GREAT/UGLY/PERFECT,” but apparently, if you’re Chrissy

Ariana Grande Is Not Here for Your Lip, Defends Herself Against Backlash to 'Objectification' 

Last night Ariana Grande Notes’ed a story about a gross interaction with a fan of her boyfriend Mac Miller that ended in said fan telling her boyf “Ariana is sexy as hell man I see you, I see you hitting that!!!” The backlash to the story was swift, with people crawling out of the mire to tell her that hey, maybe she…