Justin Timberlake Is Apparently a Rugged, Singing Woodsman

Would Justin Timberlake survive in the woods alone with nothing but his wits, good looks and animal instinct? I don’t know. His new album is titled Man of the Woods, but maybe he’s more of a “Man of the Woods” in the metaphorical sense—not “in” the woods physically, as this trailer suggests, but in the woods of the…

Jessica Biel and Au Fudge Partners Hit With Lawsuit for Allegedly Stealing Tips From Restaurant Employees

Jessica Biel and her business partners at Au Fudge, the Los Angeles-based restaurant once described by Eater as a Soho House for children and described by Jezebel as visionary, is the defendant in a lawsuit alleging that she and her partners collected hundreds and thousands of dollars in tips from private events…

Jennifer Lawrence Is Not At All Embarrassed By That Video of Her Dancing at a Strip Club

On Tuesday, Radar published a video of Jennifer Lawrence on stage at a strip club in Vienna, doing a half-hearted “dance” on a stripper pole. This did not embarrass Jennifer Lawrence. Jennifer Lawrence might have reached the point of celebrity where she’s not embarrassed by much of anything—publicly, at least.