Judge Threatens to Hold Jeff Sessions in Contempt Over Attempted Deportation of Mother and Child 

A federal judge threatened to hold Attorney General Jeff Sessions and others in contempt after learning that the Trump administration was in the process of deporting a woman and her daughter while a court hearing appealing their case was underway. Yes, this sounds like the Trump administration I have come to know.

Ask an Immigration Lawyer: Migrant Parents Face a Long, Complicated Road Ahead to Get Their Children Back

After the official launch of Jeff Sessions’ “zero-tolerance policy” in April, which mandates the criminal prosecution of everyone who crosses the border without authorization, at least 2,300 children—over a hundred of whom are under the age of four—have been forcibly separated from their parents. (The Trump…

Jeff Sessions Warns Law Enforcement About Children and Other Dangers 

A day after Jeff Sessions defended the Trump administration’s policy of separating migrant children from their parents by citing a verse from the New Testament, the attorney general spoke about immigration and the Department of Justice’s commitment to “restoring the rule of law in our immigration system” in Scranton,…

Jeff Sessions Says the Bible Wants the Trump Administration to Rip Children Away From Their Parents 

Attorney General Jeff Sessions continues to be pleased with the outcome of his “zero tolerance” immigration policy, which has resulted in the forcible separation of children—some only a few months old—from their parents, who often do not know where they’ve been taken. The psychological repercussions of these forced…

Donald Trump Might Pardon More People From Kim Kardashian's List and Jeff Sessions Is Mad 

Donald Trump, who has discovered the joys of pardoning bad men—and, on the rare occasion, at the behest of Kim Kardashian, showing actual humanity to a woman serving an unjust sentence—may soon extend pardons to more people on Kardashian’s list at the urging of his son-in-law and Middle East peacemaker Jared Kushner.