Your Slightly Embarrassing Mexican Tío ¡Jeb! Is BACK

Jeb Bush, an ally so loyal to Mexicans that he has in the past marked “Hispanic” on the census despite being so white that his good American stock dates back to Massachusetts, has rushed to criticize Donald “taco truck” Trump for his extremely stupid Cinco de Mayo tweet, in which Trump posed with a freakin’ taco bowl…

Terri Schiavo's Husband Calls Exploitative Jeb Bush Super PAC Ad 'Disgusting'

A new ad from Jeb Bush’s Right to Rise super PAC exploits the story and image of Terri Schiavo—the Florida woman whose family fought to have her removed from life support—in order to demonstrate Bush’s commitment to fighting for life. On Wednesday, Michael Schiavo, Terri’s husband, called the ad “disgusting.”