Jared Kushner’s Company Filed False Documents to Force Out Rent–Regulated Tenants, Report Says

Donald Trump’s son–in–law and presidential adviser Jared Kushner is facing yet another scandal linked to his time as CEO of the family’s predatory real estate empire. At the center of the latest scandal, like many of the others, is the Kushners’ apparent proclivity for deceit and greed while doing business.

The Paradise Papers, a Massive Document Dump, Show Where the Superrich, and Obviously Trump Leeches, Put Their Money

In the second-largest data leak of all time, a great Something Burger, 96 media organizations from 67 countries have been working together to sort through 13.4 million papers–dubbed the “Paradise Papers”–documenting where the world’s elite store their money. The documents, originally obtained by the German newspaper …

Would You Have Sex to Jared and Ivanka's (Possible) 21-Minute Fuck Playlist?

HuffPost senior reporter Ashley Feinberg has published a recent playlist Ivanka Trump made on Spotify, which is comprised of five sad songs that hint strongly of bedroom death, premature ejaculation, and half-hearted dry humping. These include John Legend’s “All of Me” and “Ordinary People,” “When I Was Your Man” by…