'The Nihilistic Horniness of a Good Gothic Read': Ranking the Genre's Sexiest and Scariest Secrets

Like many American girls, I was still in elementary school the first time I pilfered a copy of Flowers in the Attic and locked myself in a room to read it under the secrecy of covers. The story itself is scary: four children locked in an attic by a family that cares for them as little as they care for cast-off…

An 'Accidental Jane Austen Superfan' on Stepping Into Mr. Darcy's Tights and the Wonder of Austenworld

“Some are born Janeites, some achieve Janeism, and some have Janeism thrust upon them,” Ted Scheinman writes in his charming new book, Camp Austen: My Life as an Accidental Jane Austen Superfan. For Scheinman, his temporary entry into Austen fandom was a bit of all three, done “half willingly and half accidentally.”