Illinois State Rep. Seemingly Worried LGBT Protections In Public Schools Hurt Christians

Illinois Rep. Jeanne Ives, who once described gay marriage as “a completely disordered relationship,” has shared an extremely transphobic and homophobic op-ed on her personal Facebook page that warns Illinois families that legislation protecting against gender identity-based discrimination will erode public schools.

Op-Ed Writer Suggests Orlando's Gay Friendliness Has Caused a Decline in Disney World Admissions

Out of all of the takes commemorating the first anniversary of the Pulse massacre in Orlando, none was as... singular in its vision as that from the Orlando Sentinel called “As Disney reports drop in guests, is Orlando’s post-Pulse embrace of LGBT too tight?” by one C. Britt Beemer. In it, Beemer suggested that a…


A Delta Passenger Called the Cops on Mykki Blanco Because He Was Uncomfortable Sitting Next to Him

Queer rapper Mykki Blanco took to Twitter Friday evening to describe an extremely disturbing incident that took place on his Delta flight from Toronto to Detroit. According to Blanco, he was woken up at the end of the flight by a cop who’d been called by the man sitting next to Blanco. The man’s explanation for…