Meet the Woman Who 'Went Viral' for Supposedly Breaking the NBA’s Locker-Room Reporting Barrier

When Jane Gross became the first woman reporter to enter an NBA locker room in February of 1975, it merited a mere 100-word Associated Press write-up the next day. Nine months later, when Jennifer Quale entered an NBA locker room, she had her face in sports sections across the nation and others across the globe.

Something Is Wrong in This House: How Bluebeard Became the Definitive Fairy Tale of Our Era

A door that locks without anyone touching it, rendering escape impossible. A large man who overpowers, beast-like. A man wears a mask of virtue that he removes behind closed doors. These striking and grotesque images could have sprung from fairy tales, but they didn’t—they’re from real testimonies by real women, over…

Columbia Mayor Asks South Carolina To Remove Sculpture of the 'Father of Gynecology' 

In a Tuesday interview, Columbia Mayor Steve Benjamin told MSNBC’s Chris Matthews that, two years after the state removed the Confederate battle flag from the statehouse, there are still monuments “on our Statehouse grounds that I find wholly offensive.” “There are a few of them, actually, have to do with the Civil…