Heidi Klum Reportedly Wants to Play 'Samantha or Another Sexy Character' in Sex and the City 3

I feel like I need to tell you something upfront: Radar Online is the source of this gossip. Radar Online is reporting that Heidi Klum is “begging” to be cast in the theoretical second sequel to Sex and the City, and that she would be happy to accept either the role of Samantha (replacing Kim Cattrall) or—this is my…

Blake Lively Was Sexually Harassed By a Makeup Artist, Says 'Nothing' Happened After Reporting It

In an interview with the LA Times, Blake Lively revealed she was sexually harassed “regularly” by a makeup artist while shooting an unnamed movie on location. In addition to making “inappropriate” comments and “insisting” that he put lipstick on her with “his finger,” she shared this horrifying story: