Harvey Weinstein Wants Ashley Judd to Dismiss Her Lawsuit, Claims His Conduct Was Not 'Severe'

Here’s a quick piece of troubling Harvey Weinstein news: his lawyers have asked a judge to “throw out” a lawsuit filed by Ashley Judd earlier this year in which she claims Weinstein “dissuaded” Peter Jackson from casting her in The Lord of the Rings as a punishment for refusing his prior sexual advances.

Harvey Weinstein Denies Report That Says He Offered Women 'Acting Jobs in Exchange for Sex'

After pleading not guilty to a new charge of forcible sexual act in the first degree Monday morning in New York, which could leave him behind bars for life—his third indictment of sexual assault in a month and a half—Harvey Weinstein has spoken to the press. In an interview with columnist Taki Theodoracopulos, who, …

Toni Collette on the Horror and Beauty of Grief in Hereditary

“H’aw’ya?” Toni Collette asked me as I entered the conference room at A24's New York City office on Monday. It’s hard to say which was weirder: hearing the actor’s natural Australian accent or seeing her warm and smiling. She spends much of the movie she was in town promoting—Ari Aster’s familial tragedy/horror hybrid …