Harvey Weinstein Wants Ashley Judd to Dismiss Her Lawsuit, Claims His Conduct Was Not 'Severe'

Here’s a quick piece of troubling Harvey Weinstein news: his lawyers have asked a judge to “throw out” a lawsuit filed by Ashley Judd earlier this year in which she claims Weinstein “dissuaded” Peter Jackson from casting her in The Lord of the Rings as a punishment for refusing his prior sexual advances.

Harvey Weinstein Denies Report That Says He Offered Women 'Acting Jobs in Exchange for Sex'

After pleading not guilty to a new charge of forcible sexual act in the first degree Monday morning in New York, which could leave him behind bars for life—his third indictment of sexual assault in a month and a half—Harvey Weinstein has spoken to the press. In an interview with columnist Taki Theodoracopulos, who, 

Toni Collette on the Horror and Beauty of Grief in Hereditary

“H’aw’ya?” Toni Collette asked me as I entered the conference room at A24's New York City office on Monday. It’s hard to say which was weirder: hearing the actor’s natural Australian accent or seeing her warm and smiling. She spends much of the movie she was in town promoting—Ari Aster’s familial tragedy/horror hybrid 

Mira Sorvino on Braving Harassment: 'I Didn’t Think I Was Important Enough to Make a Big Deal Over'

Mira Sorvino made rounds on Wednesday talk shows ostensibly to promote her new show Condor. But interviews on the Today show and The View kicked off with her reaction to the arrest and arraignment of former Miramax boss Harvey Weinstein, whom Sorvino has accused of sexually harassing her in the ‘90s. She told Today’s

The Weinstein Horror Movie No One Wants Is Coming, for You Can Never Overestimate Standards 

You may be thinking, who on hell or earth would finance or produce–oooohhh, the producer is French. Yes, “master of the erotic thriller” Brian De Palma–whose directing credits include Carrie and Scarface and whose writing credits include Body Double and Femme Fatale–has announced that he is “talking with a French