Tiffany Trump's Rep Accidentally Emailed Harper's Magazine to Get Her Into a Harper's Bazaar Fashion Party 

Tiffany Trump is coming to New York City for Fashion Week, armed with her law books, her airbrushing app, and the knowledge that her father named her after an engagement ring store. But no Apple is Big enough to contain this young Trump‚Äôs thunderous zeal‚ÄĒfor lo, in an attempt to gain entry to the annual Harper‚Äôs Bazaar‚Ķ

Sharon Stone On Her Abrasiveness: 'I Have Brain Damage...Deal With It'

There‚Äôs a short profile and photo spread of Sharon Stone in the September issue of Harper‚Äôs Bazaar, and it‚Äôs truly, madly, deeply worth your time to read in full. In the piece‚ÄĒfor which she posed nude‚ÄĒshe discusses things like the existential crises she had while guest starring on a popular TV show, the 2001 brain‚Ķ